Timor Sea-Expand your business
October 1, 2022 ibnasina

Timor Sea – Maritime border to be established in Timor Sea for the first time, after life-long disputes, to open for new gas exploration and development in the sea between Australia and Timor.

Due to the dispute, the companies to explore and produce, have kept away for a long time putting the area on a shelf. Australia agreed in 2017 to accept Dili’s formal notice to terminate an agreement to split petroleum revenue equally from Greater Sunrise. In these days an agreement will be signed to set the new Maritime border, opening for the further proces of negotiation related to the exploration, production, distribution and revenue-share in the years to come.

Expand your reach

GLA Asia-Pacific specialist, you name the place, we have the solution. “We at GLA, are ready to serve the agreement in Timor Sea, as we serve other agreements of similar kind in/out of the whole Asia-Pacific area. We are offering unique Container, Out Of Gauge and Conventional shipping solutions, in partnership and as agents of main operators serving Timor Leste”


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