GLA Denmark received the GazelleAward
October 1, 2022 ibnasina

Global Liner Agencies Denmark awarded Børsen Gazelle 2020

 Since 1995 the daily Børsen has each year identified Denmark’s growth elite, and over time the gazelle has become part of the Danish language as a synonym for growth businesses. The selection is made by Greens Institute of Market Research, and the criteria are objective and based on data from the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency. In short the definition of a gazelle is: a business which has achieved a continuous growth in revenue or gross profit for the last four financial years, and which has, in total, more than doubled the revenue or the gross profit in the period.



The criteria for being a gazelle are:

  • Corporate form:  Public limited company or private limited company
  • Lines of business: Particular lines of business are eliminated (e.g. holding companies)
  • Activity:  Revenue of DKK 1 million/DKK ½ million in gross profit
  • Profitability: The sum of operating profit > 0
  • Growth in 4 years: > 100 per cent

A word from our director in Denmark

I am not a person who cares a lot for status and awards but then we got this Gazelle award from Børsen!

Receiving this award, made me extremely proud, especially on behalf of my amazing colleagues and partners, who cope with me and challenge my business approach every day.  Even more important developing the business and offering service that has become our trade mark.

Thank you to our customers, who have all helped us to lift GLA Denmark to where we are today.

A humble thank you to you all!

We’ll do it again next year.


Yours sincerely

Rasmus Ammitzboell


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